With less than 3 days until Christmas to go, we’re finding ourselves not only scrambling to get the rest of our work done (not to mention shop, wrap, and cook), but also trying to cram in every Christmas activity possible before the season comes to an end.  In an ideal world, we would have done all of this throughout the month of December, but we really don’t know where this month went!  The Out of Offices will be going on shortly, and our Christmas sprit will be kicking in.  Here are the things on our Christmas Bucket List.

1. Walk through Christkindlmarket

2. Become a couch potato for a few hours & have a Christmas movie marathon (Who else has yet to watch Elf this season?!)

3. Whip up a spiked hot chocolate

4. Drive around and look at Christmas lights

5. Ice Skate at Millennium Park 

While we still have quite a few things on the list, here are a few things we have been doing to get in the Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a wonderful holiday and we will see you next week with new blog posts!

Photo Credit: Armelle Blog