honeymoonNow that Christmas and New Year’s have come to a close, there’s just one thing we have on our minds – bikini season. Unfortunately, we still have an entire winter to get through, so we have to live vicariously through our honeymooning brides!

Once you’ve registered at Crate & Barrel,  arranged seating charts over and over, and walked down the aisle, the honeymoon is when you finally get to relax and unwind. So whether your idea of relaxing is laying on a beach getting your tan on, or wandering through a beautiful city drinking wine … we are very jealous ;)

Here are a few of 2014’s hottest honeymoon destinations!  These four places are a must for a spontaneous 2014 trip or a January 2015 honeymoon!

Honeymoon Hotspots No 1

Honeymoon Hotspots No2

 HOT SPOT NO. 1: Click HERE for more info on Mount Pelion, Greece!

HOT SPOT NO. 2: Click HERE for more info on Rincon, Puerto Rico!

HOT SPOT NO. 3: Click HERE for more info on The Maldives!

HOT SPOT NO. 4: Click HERE for more info on Queenstown, New Zealand!

Honeymooning in 2015? HERE are the top Honeymoon spots for the new year!