As we enter the 8th day of 2016, we’re thinking all about our upcoming 2016 weddings and are so excited to share what our Brides & Grooms are planning!  Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re predicting for 2016, inspired by our own clients!

Shannon Gail 2016 Wedding Trends 2

Mixing Metals

This is HUGE, which is why it’s number 1 on our list.  This can be as simple as mixing silver and gold vases as your centerpieces, or as bold as having steel colored linens, grey Bridesmaids’ dresses, and then decking the rest of your wedding out with gold accents.  We are all over this trend, not only for weddings, but for home decor as well.  We love not having to choose between silver and gold! Thank you, 2016! ;) — Photo 

Shannon Gail 2016 Wedding Trends 1

Silver & Gold Foil

Speaking of metals, another big trend this year is silver/gold foil.  Not only will you notice invitations and paper products adorned in gold foil, but you’ll also notice a few fab gold foil cakes! (And if you’re as into the gold foil trend as we are, don’t forget to check our blog next week – we have a fab giveaway that we’ll be announcing on Monday!) — Photo Credits: 1, 2

Shannon Gail 2016 Wedding Trends 5

Muted Color Palette

Another color trend that we’re totally on board with.  The muted palette allows you to choose as many colors as you’d like without following any “rules.”  Read more on the muted palette here. — Photo Credit

Shannon Gail 2016 Wedding Trends 6

Simple Cake

While cake/desserts are still high on our clients’ priority list, we’re noticing the trend of going more simple/understated in the cake department.  A very smooth, modern design, even as simple as the unfrosted/naked cake, is what our clients are gravitating toward. — Photo Credits: 1, 2

Shannon Gail 2016 Wedding Trends 3

Lace/Embroidery/Appliqué on the Wedding Dress

We don’t know if you’re as obsessed with Whitney Port’s wedding as we are, but one thing that really stuck out was her amazing Ashi Studio dress.  And we also loved seeing Hayley Paige’s Spring 2016 collection showing so.much.lace.prettiness. — Photo Credits 1, 2

Shannon Gail 2016 Wedding Trends 4

Rustic, sans Mason Jars

We’re loving this one.  Many of our clients openly tell us that they want to go with a rustic look, but that they don’t want to see or speak of mason jars, at all.  There are absolutely ways to do rustic without being cliche. The biggest thing is to have balance – You don’t need to go full on rustic in order to create this feel for your wedding.  Achieve this by booking a rustic-style venue (barn, distillery, etc.), and then choosing either more modern, or more traditional decor, rather than renting farm tables, using mason jars as centerpieces, etc.  Like most things in life, balance in your wedding is everything. — Photo Credits

Shannon Gail 2016 Wedding Trends 7

A Twist on Photo Booths

Just when we thought that photo booths couldn’t get more fun, we came across a company called Flashtag.  Flashtag is a “photo booth” that uses Instagram and Twitter to automatically grab every picture taken at your event with your custom hashtag (i.e. #helmigclemondsbash) and instantly prints it out.  Meaning you don’t need to wait in line for the photo booth!  We are definitely predicting our weddings going viral with this awesome new technology. — Photo Credit


Top Photo by T&S Hughes Photography