TIP NO. 1 – If you don’t have a ton of space, seat everyone at your coffee table! Make sure you have some pillows available (you definitely don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable) and ambiance is KEY!  Don’t just set your coffee table and call it a night.  Create a cozy atmosphere for your guests so that they think they’re sitting at a coffee table on purpose! We would LOVE to arrive to a dinner party with a table set like the one in the photo above! Throw pillows, coffee table, and fire equal cozy and chic dinner party! (Photos by Wynn Meyers via Camille Styles and Harpers Bazaar)



TIP NO. 2 – If you don’t have enough dining room chairs, you are in luck! Mixing and matching chairs is definitely “in” right now! So grab chairs from any room, borrow from your neighbors, and even throw a bench into the mix – anything goes! (Photos by La Maison d’Anna G and Jessica Weiser via Style Me Pretty)


TIP NO. 3 – Sofa Seating at the dining table is another great option if you’re low on chairs.  This is a great idea if you’re low on space and chairs, plus adds a cool restaurant-booth vibe! Just slide your dining room table up to the couch, add your chairs, and you’re ready for a chic and spacious dinner party! (Image via West Elm)

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