Your eyebrows are the frame of your eye.  Can you imagine the Mona Lisa hanging there without a frame?  Or even worse…a plastic Ikea frame!?  Me neither!  My eyebrows have been a work in progress since I was about 15 years old.  I made the mistake, as all tweens do, and tweezed them to pencil thin arches.  8 years later, I’ve finally grown full natural brows back, and will never look back!

SG_Eyebrows 2


1. Benefit Speed Brow Quick Set Gel – This is the best for those of us blessed with fairly full brows! All you do is a few easy sweeps and you’re good to go for the day!

2. neuBROW Brow Enhancing Serum – Are you experiencing the post 90’s “thin brow guilt?”  At $100, this serum is a bit of a splurge, but it nourishes, conditions, and helps you achieve fuller healthier brows in 30 days!

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow duos are where it’s at!  To avoid the unnatural block eyebrow look that we’ve all seen on Pinterest, you fill in the inside part of your brows with the lighter color, and then at the arch, you transition to the darker color for the tail of your brows!  Tip: If you like a more crisp look, wet your angled brow brush before dipping into the powder!

4.  And last, but definitely not least, A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good brow lady!  Threading or waxing are both great options.  Find someone you trust and stick with her!  If you’re going with a waxer, make sure she’s using only HARD WAX on your eyebrows (the strip wax tends to travel and cause more harm than good)!  

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