A handwritten Thank-You note is absolutely, without a doubt filed under, “Things we love.”  There is nothing quite like getting mail that isn’t a bill, bank statement, or catalogue; Something that’s personalized and meaningful that truly brightens our day. Some say the handwritten Thank-You note is dead, but we say it’s underrated.

And we don’t only like receiving handwritten notes, we love writing and sending them just as much.  Here are 5 times to write a handwritten Thank-You.


1. When You Open a Gift That Was Mailed to You

Anytime you get a gift in the mail and the sender isn’t there to see you open it, send a handwritten thank-you.  A text is too casual, and an email isn’t quite personal enough.


2. After All Wedding Festivities

Yes, these notes will add up, but sending handwritten thank-you notes for gifts received at your Engagement Party, Shower, and Wedding is the classy thing to do. Again, emails & texts just aren’t enough – Handwritten and personalized is the only way to go!  Our advice is to order some extra notes with the rest of your wedding paper, and go to town on those thank-you’s. ;)


3. After a Successful Event

Once you’ve pulled off a successful event (whether it be a corporate event, or even a wedding!) it’s always nice to send a Thank-You to all involved in making the event such a success.  Whether you call it a “Congrats” or a “Thank You,” any type of followup is always so nice.


4. After You’re a House Guest

If you’re a guest in someone’s home for a long weekend, holiday, or even for a nice dinner, and they went out of their way to make it a special visit, definitely follow up with a Thank-You the week after.  It’s always nice for the hostess to know how appreciated their hospitality was.

5. When It’s Evident That Someone Went Out of their Way

This is kind of a gray area, but anytime you notice that someone has gone out of their way for you, whether it’s a colleague taking you out for lunch, a client buying drinks, or anyone doing you a time consuming favor, write a Thank-You note.  Even if you feel like a handwritten note is a grand gesture, the least you’ll do is brighten someone’s mailbox. ;)


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