If there’s one thing that we think makes a wedding great, it’s the personal details.  When guests walk into a wedding, we want them to see the couple in every detail.  The signs, the music, the menu should all be personalized in one way or another.  And thanks to technology, there are now so many new ways to make your wedding memorable and personal.  Here are a few of our favorite finds for personalizing your wedding with a little help from technology!

1. Wedding Websites – Most couples build websites to streamline where and how information is distributed.  This is so cool because it really makes your wedding a “brand.”  Some couples have a lot of fun with it and have ‘About’ pages for each member of the Bridal Party, so guests can really feel like they are a part of the wedding!  The Knot has some really cool designs that you can view here.  (It could also save you some money on paper products – Shannon did this and skipped the save the dates!)

2. Wedding Party App – This app enables you to capture and organize every moment of your wedding journey.  This is great because now the Bride & Groom can look back on all of the impromptu photos taken by guests for years!  Another pro to this awesome app is that you can keep people in the loop on any news regarding your wedding.  It’s just like a wedding website, it just integrates guests a little bit more with the photo sharing!

3. Spotify – We probably all have Spotify and listen to it just for fun.  But it’s actually a great tool for your wedding!  You can create a playlist either before or after your wedding and share it with your guests so that they can relive the night and remember what a great time they had.  You can include your entrance songs, first dance, etc. – kind of like a soundtrack to your wedding!

4. Videos – In lieu of slideshows of baby pictures, a lot of couples are creating actual videos.  Your videographer may be able to interview you, the Bridal Party, your parents, etc. before the wedding, and create a cute “movie trailer – esque” video for guests to see either during the rehearsal dinner or at the wedding!  (I came across this a few weeks ago while reading my usual blogroll and loved this one by Unsome Productions)

5. I Do Stream – Whether you’re having a destination wedding or just have a few key people missing, I Do Stream is what you’re looking for.  This genius tech invention enables you to broadcast your wedding live so nobody misses anything!

Photo by Amanda Megan Miller