What does your ‘go-to’ drink say about you?  According to this article from Refinery 29, if you’re ambitious and self aware, your signature drink is wine; if you’re happy and lucky, you probably go for beer; if you tend to stand on the outside of crowds and observe, champagne; and last but not least, if vodka tonic is your ‘go-to,’ you probably eat a lot of fish, run a lot (and hate it), and will most likely be found organizing a party, rather than actually partying.

After reading the article, we started thinking about what your signature cocktail says about you and your fiance.  We tried to connect the dots from the Refinery 29 article to match 6 chic signature cocktails found at weddings!

1. Limoncello (vodka)

From Refinery 29: You turn down sparkling water at restaurants in favor of tap. You eat a lot of fish. You run but don’t necessarily enjoy it. You do enjoy Danish design and neutral colors. The color purple (the actual color, not the book) upsets you. Your preferred party position is organizing it.

2. Moscow Mule (vodka & ginger beer)

From Refinery 29: You still read paper books and write with a pencil. You have dreams of fixing up a motorcycle. You do not like your birthday — or any holiday really, except for bank holidays because you get the day off. You like routine. You prefer small groups over large ones. Your preferred party position is at the bar down the street.

Shannon Gail_Signature Cocktail 2

3. Cranberry Champagne Cocktail (champagne)

From Refinery 29: You stand on the outside of crowds and observe. People approach you to ask your permission for various things. You receive calls about moving large sums of money around, business you dispatch quickly and in a quiet voice. You don’t eat much; you don’t sleep much. Your preferred party position? Above it.

4. Margarita (tequila)

From Refinery 29: You thrive in the heat. You are one of those rare people who look good in linen pants and straw hats. Like a lot of hot-weather animals, you move slowly during the day and become active at night. Your preferred party position is walking through the dance floor.

Shannon Gail_Signature Cocktails 3

5. Cosmo

From Refinery 29: You can hold your liquor, and you want others to know it. You once tried to write a novel. You would say you are more head than heart. Your preferred party position is at the bar regaling others. You are the type to use the word ‘regale.’ 

6. Mint Julep (whiskey)

From Refinery 29: You used to self-identify as a traveler, but that was a while ago. You would say that contrary to appearances, you are risk-averse. You’ve had the same hairstyle for a decade, and you still get compliments on it. Your preferred party position is around the fire pit.


Images via Could I Have That, The Knot,  Paige Jones Photography via Brides, Dave Robbins Photography via Brides, St. Germaine via The Knot, Food From the Earth