I cannot believe it’s been 11 months since my last letter on the blog! How did this happen? To say that I’ve had quite a busy year would be a severe understatement. It’s no secret that we at Team SG have no problem mixing business with our personal lives (don’t believe us? Check out our Instagram!) Maybe this isn’t the most common of business models, but for us it not only works but also is the core of our company.

I think about my couples so far this year and it’s unbelievable the forever friendships I’ve made by being so emotionally invested in their lives and relationships, and vice versa.  I’ve gone through the highest of highs with them this year (Did you miss the news?), and shared in tragic loss as well. This month alone, one of my couples gifted me an artist’s custom painted portrait of my poodles/daughters and another a book to learn the Italian language for my honeymoon to Italy. Our couples know us and we know them, and it’s what allows us to form such a strong connection and plan a wedding that is perfect and unique to them in every single way.

As we say goodbye to summer and begin to close out another fabulous wedding season at SG, I found it fitting to not only thank all of our readers, friends, and couples for being a part of this season but also the insanely hard work of my amazing team which has allowed our company to deliver more fabulous events this year than ever before. You may have noticed a few changes and additions to the SG Team this year as we welcomed Lauren and Rachel as Associate Planners, and our always fabulous Bridget is now with us full time!  Lauren and Rachel were thrown into a crazy season on Day 1 and have been such integral assets to our team that we are thrilled to see what they do over the remainder of the season and into next. Our resident planners Bridget, Amanda, Carolynn, and Hilary have produced so many fabulous events this season and Breanna has our social media following at an all-time high! We have some exciting news coming in the next few months as our team expands even more, so as always, keep your eyes on the blog, and more importantly, make sure you get your fix of sun, cosmos and friends, and make the most of these last beautiful days of summer in Chicago!



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