Shannon Gail Home Tour 1

The Entryway

High ceilings and beautiful neutral details can be found in the entryway. “I love clean lines, neutral colors, and chic accents, but am always nervous that my house is going to look too cold. I added woven baskets where we keep our gloves and scarves during the cold months, and I try to keep fresh flowers on the table at all times to cozy it up!”

Shannon Gail Home Tour 4

Front Room

“This is my most recent DIY project! I had Etsy artist Melinda Wood custom design 6 various zen circles for me and then matted them to fit into Ribba frames from Ikea! I love the drama it adds to the 2 story room and it’s now my favorite place to enjoy my morning coffee!”

Shannon Gail Home Tour 3

The Dining Room

When she’s not planning weddings, game nights and dinner parties are hosted in the dining room!  “We constantly have a revolving door of friends and family in our home! I love to cook, drink wine, and entertain so this is a very important room in our house!”

Shannon Gail Home Tour 5

Shannon Gail Home Tour 2

Shannon Gail Home Tour 6

The Living Room

“I tried to really play with patterns and textures throughout the house, keeping the overall palette very neutral and calm. I love being able to come home, take a deep breath, and relax in what I feel is a tranquil environment.” Guest appearance by one half of “the poods.” Hey Mitzi!

Shannon Gail Home Tour 12

The Guest Bedroom

Instead of a headboard, Shannon wanted to have a little bit of fun in the guest bedroom.  The three gold mirrors look great with the pop-of-color orange pillows and have the same effect as a headboard! “This is my ‘Hermes’ inspired room. (My fiance) Steve thinks I’m nuts. I love that I can accessorize with the small gold plane, which was something I always remember my Grandpa having on his dresser growing up! Little did he know, it was super chic!”

Shannon Gail Home Tour 8


Shannon Gail Home Tour 11

Shannon Gail Home Tour 7

The Office

Stacks of wedding magazines and beautiful stationery can be found on the desk of SG! “This is the cleanest you will EVER see my office! On a typical non-photo shoot day, my office is either a storage facility for that weekends’ weddings, or a chaotic sea of chairs ready for a group Skype meeting with clients!”

Shannon Gail Home Tour 9

Shannon Gail Home Tour 13