Shannon Gail Bachelorette Party Etiquette

1. It’s all about the Bride…

Although it may seem like just a regular old party, don’t lose sight of what you’re celebrating.  It’s all about the Bride!  In terms of dress code, the Bride has dibs on anything white.  And as for costs, the Bride should have the option to leave her wallet at home (if she really wanted to).

2. Be up for anything…

Every party has a pooper… but that is just unacceptable for Bachelorette parties.  Whether it’s games, dancing, or drinking a few too many cocktails, you have to be able to let your hair down and enjoy yourself with the Bride!

3. Social media savvy…

We could write an entire post on social media etiquette (oh wait, we already did ;)) Don’t go crazy posting pics of the entire weekend.  First of all, you don’t want to over-post and drive your followers crazy (we think 3 posts per day/night is perfectly acceptable).  But more importantly, Bachelorette parties are known for being a little bit wild, and you may not want evidence of your wild side on Monday at work.  And if you’re not sure if a pic is okay to post, wait until the next morning for a #latergram and decide then!

4. Keep it in the FAM (Food, Alcohol, Music)

If you have anything to do with the planning, Food, Alcohol & Music are EVERYTHING.  If it’s a weekend trip, make sure you’ve got a killer playlist for the road.  Signature cocktails always add a fun personal touch.  And most importantly, nobody wants to hear the words, “diet,” “calorie” or, “My trainer is going to kill me!”  We can all hop on the treadmill and work it off Monday.  But for the Bachelorette weekend, we will pretend like those calories don’t count. Deal?

5. Girl’s Trip Secrecy Pact

“What happens at the Bachelorette party, stays in the Bachelorette party.”  Let’s keep it that way, Ladies!