This summer kicked off with a celebration for the most adorable member of Team SG – Shannon’s daughter Charlotte’s First Birthday, and today, we are sharing all of the “too cute” details straight from Shannon!

I think I felt more pressure for the perfection of Charlotte’s Birthday Party plans than I have for any event I’ve planned in my life. As a Mom, all I wanted was for Charlotte to walk in and light up of excitement, so I used that as inspiration for the decor and details!

Instead of setting an obvious theme, I decided that I would build the direction off of Charlotte’s personality. She is such a vibrant, smiley, excited little girl who can find the fun in any minute of her day, so the theme of her party would simply be “All Things Fun!” We hosted it at my parent’s house and completely lucked out with a gorgeous, sunny day.

The fabulous Erin from Team SG did an absolutely adorable drawing of a big pink balloon for the invitations, and hand addressed each envelope before they were sent out (it’s all in the details, after all!) Guests were directed to the back yard with fun, exclamatory signs such as “YIPPEE! THIS WAY!” which I felt really set the whimsical tone of the party.

I kept the setup simple with high boys covered in fun, feminine petalled linens that had some movement to them when the wind blew. They were the very first thing I decided on because I though they were just so sweet and playful. Each highboy had a huge 3 ft. balloon in a different color from our palette, and Samantha (Aunt-extraordinaire and fellow SG team member) put together a couple stunning floral arrangements as well.

A few well-placed details went a long way, such as a little DIY photo project (thanks again to none other than Erin herself), custom cups with gold foiling, and a little area for the kids with balls, bubbles, and sippy cups with their names on them. We wrapped with the most whimsical cake (and smash cake of course) complete with sprinkles, suckers, cotton candy, and all things fun.

The best part of the entire day was seeing the joy on Charlotte’s face. She smiled from the moment she walked in until her post-party nap, and it was one of the most enjoyable days of my life. I truly cannot thank our family, friends, and industry professionals enough for all they did in making such special memories for our family.  And a very special thank you to Jon Jorgenson for capturing them so beautifully!


Invitations and Signage- Erin Jorgenson

Cake – Bon Vivant Cakes

Balloons – Balloons by Tommy

Linens – CV Linens

Cups – Etsy