It is 2016 and nearly every couple has a wedding hashtag.  And if you don’t plan one, there is usually one invented by the end of the night.  And the most important part of having a hashtag is making sure guests know that it’s there.  Shannon did an interview with Brides a few months ago on how to come up with a perfect hashtag for your wedding, so today, we are sharing how to make sure that feed is filled with wedding pictures!

1. Start Using It Early

As soon as you’ve come up with your hashtag, start using it!  Whether you’re registering, or getting your marriage license, your hashtag is there to tell your wedding planning story.  Your followers and guests will catch on, and will be ready to use it on their own pages come wedding weekend!

2. Spread the Word

Word of mouth is great, but start publishing that hashtag as soon as you can.  If you’d rather keep your Save the Dates & Invitations hashtag-free, add it to your wedding website.  Guests will catch on and start using it with you!

3. Make sure your entire wedding party is on board

If your wedding party is posting, that’s really all you need for a great hashtag feed.  They are going to take the fun, behind the scenes pics that you won’t be able to take (because you’ll be too busy getting your photo professionally taken!).  Those are going to be the ones you’ll want to scroll through the next morning.  So at the very least, make sure they are fully committed to using your hashtag!

4. Tell your planner/wedding vendors

We usually ask because we are addicted to Instagram ;), but if you want all photos of your wedding to be a part of your hashtag, tell your vendors – A lot of us will post detail shots, photographers will post sneak peeks, and your band might post a video or two.

5. Add it to your wedding day paper

If you want guests to use your hashtag, this one is non-negotiable.  Add your hashtag to your cocktail napkins, at the bottom of your programs/menus, or frame it on the bar.  This is absolutely the #1 way to get people on board!


Photos: Cristina G Photography, Jeremy Lawson Photography