One of the most important things to do while getting married (besides picking a dress, venue, rings, etc.!)  is changing your last name.  We’ve had SO many brides ask us how to do this and we never really know what to say (because it such a long/difficult process!)  But one of our lovely planners, Amanda, just got married and is giving us a full report on how to change your last name!

1. Obtain marriage license

You will need this before you do anything.

2. Social Security Office

First, print the name change form on their website.  When you go, just need bring your marriage license and photo ID. This is where you officially decide to drop your middle name, drop your last name, hyphenate, etc. They will change it for you there, but mail the new card to you in about 2 weeks.  Tip: Go as soon as the office opens, or you will be waiting for hours – no joke!

3. DMV

Again, another place you should go right when it opens. Bring your marriage license and driver’s license, and $5 cash or check. Don’t forget, that if you want your address changed on the ID, you’ll have to bring 2 forms proving that you live at the address (official mail – bills, bank statement, insurance policy, etc.). Tip: Although they call this a “duplicate license,” you do need to take a new picture! 

4. Bank Accounts

Once you have your new driver’s license, go to your bank branch. Your driver’s license number will be a little bit different than your old one, so you cannot change your bank accounts until you have this. They do it right there in the branch and some banks are able to give you new credit/debit cards on the spot. If your credit card is connected to your bank account, they are able to have that changed as well. The credit card company will express ship your new card – God forbid you go more than 24 hours without a credit card ;) Tip #1: Your new cards may be different (expiration date, card number, etc.) – if you have automatic payments linked to your cards, you will need to go online and change them… Tip #2: Don’t forget about store credit cards! Most of these are able to change online – then they will just send you new cards. This is very easy – you don’t even need proof that you legally changed your name. 

5. Car Registration

Your name can only be changed on your car registration if you actually own and have the title to your car (i.e. you’re no longer making payments on it). If you do have a title, you need to have your name changed on the title first.

7. Work

They will most likely need your marriage certificate as proof as well. Don’t forget, that if you and your new hubby have have a joint account, or any other updates, you’ll need to update your direct deposit.

8. Email

(By far, the most annoying task!)  Start by transferring all of your contacts, inform your contacts of your new email, set up forwarding from your old address, and make sure to put up an away message on your old address!

9. Airline Miles

Southwest actually makes you send your marriage certificate, new photo ID, and a letter stating the change and why it is needed. You want to make sure you do this with any airline you use, because you won’t be able to book flights using points or miles with your new name when your account is in your maiden name.

And some links for Step 2 & Step 3 to make it a little easier…