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While you and your man may be compatible in every other way, your decorating tastes may differ.  It’s time for the guys to let go of their “Bachelor Pad” style and you ladies to tone down the pink.  Here are a few of our best tips for decorating your home as a couple!

For the bedroom… Our biggest tip here is to keep it neutral.  Shades of grey, cream, white, beige are not only beautiful, but easy to decorate.  If you keep the basics (walls, bedding, floor) a neutral color, you can have a little fun decorating with fun pops of color in your lamps, artwork, pillows, etc.

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For the living room… Ladies, the little lucite table just isn’t going to cut it anymore.  It’s time to invest in a really great coffee table.  It has to be sturdy enough for your guy to be able to kick his feet up at the end of the day, and be a place for the beer & chips on Sundays.  Maybe you’ll also want to invest in some Kate Spade coasters? :)

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3.  Pick a pop of color in each room… While keeping it somewhat neutral is one of our favorite tips, you also don’t want to keep your home entirely white, grey, cream, etc.  And if you’re tempted to make pink your pop of color, consider trying a more “adult-friendly” shade.  We love chartreuse in throw pillows and decorative accents.

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4. What to do with that extra room… If you’ve got an extra room and have no idea what to do with it, the guys might fight for a game room (pool table, huge TV, etc.)  while the ladies might want to turn it into a giant closet (that’s what we would want!).  If you don’t already have one, turn it into an amazing, plush guest room.  This way, you’ll be that much more excited to have guests!  If you already have a guest room, consider making a home office!

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Images borrowed from Houzz