You got engaged. Tried on dresses. Chose your venue.  And now it’s time to take care of the thing you’ve been thinking about since the moment you said, “Yes,” but never really wanted to actually think about.  Yes, we are talking about putting together your guest list.  And once you’ve finally narrowed down your guest list, you find out that you’re way over budget.  We feel your pain, we really do!  So we’ve come up with a quick chart to help you decide on those who you’re on the fence about.  Of course, consulting with your parents and fiancé is a must, but this might give you just a little boost and hopefully help you out a little bit more than just flipping a coin on whether or not to invite your 3rd cousins that you haven’t seen in 5 years.

Shannon Gail Guest List Chart

Top photo by Danielle Poff via 100 Layer Cake