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We always hear about how to GET fit for the wedding, but we rarely hear about the importance of keeping our bods in wedding shape.  Weddings are probably the number one motivation (vacations are a close second) to get into tip top shape.  (Another reason why we love weddings! :))  With this motivation, Brides and Bridesmaids have the capability of tackling some of their toughest and most sought after health and fitness goals.  But what happens after the wedding is what really determines your motivation and strength.  Here are a few tips on how to maintain your hot wedding  bod…

How To Stay Fit AFTER The Wedding


1. Indulge during your honeymoon

This is very important. DO NOT diet during your honeymoon!  Definitely stay active and don’t go way overboard on the margaritas, but being happy and enjoying every moment (and meal) is key.

2. Don’t skip your workouts

Once you’re back from the Honeymoon, stick with your workout routine!  Don’t skip days just because your wedding is over.  If there’s ever a day you feel like skipping, commit to a 15 minute sweat session, and who knows, you may be motivated to keep going!

3. Mix up your workouts

Running or using the elliptical everyday is definitely better than nothing, but it’s important to ‘trick’ your body and change it up.  Strength training routines are key in weight loss and maintaining your wedding shape.

4. Keep eating

No more “wedding diet” excuse.  Make eating healthy a lifestyle and stick with it.

5. Drink tons of water

Always.  Drink half your weight in mL.  So if you weigh 130 lbs, drink at least 65 oz per day.

6. Go easy on yourself

Don’t be hard on yourself if you go up a few pounds.  Just stick with your healthy eating and workouts and try not to focus on specifics.

7. Use the buddy system

(i.e. get your hubby on board)  Work out together, cook together and maintain a healthy lifestyle TOGETHER.  It will help!

8. Don’t obsess or compare

Don’t compare yourself to others OR your pre wedding self. Accepting that every person is different and knowing that you’re at a healthy weight is the best thing you can do for yourself.

9 & 10… Be happy & keep up with Bridal Sculpt!

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