It’s no secret that the holidays are a dangerous time for our physiques.  But with a little extra motivation, it is possible to avoid the extra ‘Holiday’ pounds! Today we are sharing a few tips that will help all of us avoid the ‘merry muffin top’ this year!

How To Stay Slim During the HolidaysNO. 1 BE ACTIVE EVERYDAY // I’m not saying you need to be at the gym everyday this holiday season, but it is important to be active in someway everyday.  Whether it’s a yoga sequence in the morning or a walk with your pups in the afternoon, every little bit counts!

NO. 2 PARTNER UP // It helps if someone in your house is on a health kick too.  Whether it’s your roommate or your hubby-to-be, it is much easier to ditch the Christmas cookies if someone else is cheering you on!

NO. 3 & 4 GET OUTSIDE // I used to think that because it was cold out, that outdoor jogs were off limits.  That is not true at all! I realized, while walking 3 miles a day in the city, that being outside in the cold isn’t all that bad! If you’re not a runner, head out for a walk!  Fresh air just feels good, even if there is a chill in that air.

NO. 5 DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP // Throughout the month of December, you could run into some kind of dessert at any second.  The worst thing to do is to beat yourself up over a mini cupcake.  Taste what you want, or even eat a whole piece of cake!  The important thing is to enjoy it!  But the worst thing to do is to make an entire cheat day out of one cookie.  Just eat the cookie and go on with your healthy day!

NO. 6 WORK OUT HARD // Along with an active lifestyle, it is extremely important to sweat and get your heart rate up.  Although I wish I could say I was in the gym pumping iron 6 days a week, that is just not the case.  Strive for 2 hard workouts per week (really challenging yourself… Bridal Sculpt anyone?) And then going for walks or jogs the rest of the days! Working out hard is especially important if you’re a taste tester ;)

NO. 7 ABIDE BY THE 80/20 RULE // This is just a good rule to live by all year round.  Eat healthy 80% of the time, and leave the other 20% for the unexpected cookie baskets from neighbors.

NO. 8 ASK SANTA FOR GYM CLOTHES // This might sound crazy, but it totally could work! When I know I’m getting new gym clothes, all I really want is to look good in them!  It’s just good motivation.

NO. 9 PLAN YOUR MEALS // I always like to have a game plan of what I’m going to eat for the week.  I suggest sticking to two solid meals (e.g. egg whites + whole wheat toast for breakfast and a protein shake for lunch) everyday for a week, so that you can be more spontaneous for dinner and dessert!

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