Shannon Gail_Ring Selfie

When Shannon and Bridget both expressed how “in” announcing your engagement via social media is , we started thinking about the perfect engagement ring selfie. It’s obviously super important to show off the ring, make sure your hand looks pretty, your nails look good, and that your caption is top notch.  How can one photo encompass all of this?  Well we might be biased, but we think the girls of Team SG can take a mean Ring Selfie.  Here is Team SG’s guide to taking the perfect ring selfie!

Tip # 1: Choose the perfect angle

You’ll want to put as much thought into your ring pose as you do for any other photo op you pose for.  Position your hand in a way that makes the entire photo attractive.  According to Brides, if you hold your hand above your head for 30 seconds or so, it makes them appear less veiny…we think it’s worth a shot!

LC Engagement RingPhoto: Lauren Conrad

Tip # 2: Include your fiance!

If you don’t want all of the attention, pull a Lady Gaga (or a Bridget! See below!) and include your fiance in the picture! After all, he’s the reason the ring selfie is being taken in the first place!

Lady Gaga RingPhoto: Lady Gaga

Tip # 3: Create the perfect caption

Choosing a clever caption is key.  You can go the humorous route (which is what both Bridget & Shannon did!) or go more heartfelt and romantic.  Whatever it is, it will definitely go viral, so make sure you put thought into your caption!

Shannon Gail_Ring Selfie 1

Top image courtesy of Cristina G Photography with graphics added by Shannon Gail