Shannon Gail_How To Wrap a Wedding Gift

Here are a few of our best tips on wrapping a sleek + simple wedding gift!

1. Choose a chic theme… When it comes to wedding gift wrapping, less is more.  Don’t go too wild with colors and patters (unless your a total gift-wrapping expert).  The key is to keep it simple.  Classic.  Chic.  For today’s example, we chose a silver gift wrap (from the Container Store) and a simple black ribbon.

2. Use a large, flat surface when wrapping… Don’t even try to start wrapping a gift on your couch or your bad.  In order to achieve those clean, crisp creases, you will need to clear off your kitchen table (or island) and wrap your gift there!

3. Don’t forget to decorate… Don’t just wrap your gift and call it a day.  You’ll definitely need a ribbon or bow to seal the deal.  For our example, we were going for an elegant, timeless look so we opted for a plain black ribbon.

Are you a gift wrapping pro?  Share some of your tips using #onSGtoday!