Who’s ready for a long holiday weekend?

If you’re hosting this weekend, and haven’t had time to prep the perfect 4th of July tablescape, you are not alone! What we love most about 4th of July is the spontaneity of it – it’s just a casual, “Hey, wanna come over?” holiday – no set plans, not too much prep, yet it always turns out to be a great weekend.  But even if you have just a hint of  a ‘wedding planner gene’ in you, you can’t help but want to plan something.  With just 2 days until one of the biggest BBQs of the year, here are a few last minute 4th of July hostess tips for a flawless (but still casual) 4th of July bash!

Step 1 – A playlist

We’ve got you covered on this one! Click here to listen to our 4th of July Summer BBQ Playlist.

Shannon Gail_4th of July Hostess 2

Step 2 – An appetizer

One thing that must be at your party is food.  We love the idea of making a beautiful summer salad, accompanied by some really great guac and chips. (Recipes, Photo Credits here and here)

Step 3 – A cocktail

You do not have to go all out in the cocktail department – some beer, wine, or maybe even a quick mixed drink (vodka lemonade anyone?) will go a long way! (Photo below)

Shannon Gail_4th of July Hostess 4

Step 4 – Dinner

Burgers, hot dogs, and chicken will be more than perfect. (Photo above)

Step 5 – Just a few details

Some lighting, chic citronella candles, maybe a tiki torch or 2, and you are good.to.go! (Backyard inspiration here; photos below via 1, 2)

Shannon Gail_4th of July Hostess 3

If you’ve got these 5 essentials, you’re ready to party!


Top photos via Harpers Bazaar