I hope you’ve enjoyed the first couple months of our amazing new blog! I am so thankful to Breanna and how well she has represented our brand through our posts to all of you! As promised, I’ll be checking in every so often to let you know what I’ve been up to, what’s new, or just to send a personal hello!

The month of September was absolutely crazy here at Shannon Gail, but we loved it! We had the pleasure of being a part of 11 weddings this month alone, which means, as some of you well know, that if you are a friend, family member, or are just trying to reach one of our planners during this season, you might as well just wait until December ;)

We are also working on some amazingly fun projects with some of our all-time favorite “friendors” – vendors who have become our friends. Next month we’ll be taking part in our very first Bridal Expo Chicago and are currently working on our chic booth space. We also are coordinating a modern fall photo shoot at the Chicago History Museum so stay tuned for some behind the scenes footage from that within the next month or so! As always, Bridal Sculpt is going strong and will also be exhibiting at the Bridal Expo! We cannot wait to get out there and meet all of you lovely Brides – we’ll be the ones doing burpees and squats in our booth; you can’t miss us!

As always, thank you all so much for your interest and support for our blog. If there is ever anything you’d like to see featured on our page, please feel free to let us know! Our “doors” are always open! We have tons of great new content ready to go as we approach the change in season so stay tuned and I’ll make sure to check back in during the holidays!