Every year as we say good bye to another wedding season I feel a mixture of nostalgia and excitement as I realize I won’t be hearing from my married couples on a daily basis but am about to meet a ton of enthusiastic newlyweds. It’s also the time where I *attempt* some time off to enjoy the season, and briefly reflect on the year we had before jumping into planning mode and prepping for the slew of engagements coming our way!

This year, I used my time off to marry the man of my dreams (sneak peek of photos here!) Being a Bride was certainly an unfamiliar role for me and gave me great perspective on what our clients are feeling leading up to and on their wedding days. We at Team SG are SO excited to meet all of you newly engaged couples and collaborate on the most memorable day of your lives. Cheers to a great new year of endless wedding planning possibilities. I leave you with some of my personal wedding advice, coming from the desk of a Bride, not a planner:

1. Simplify. I cannot stress this enough. Do not let Pinterest convince you that you need 40 additional photo props, picture frames, and DIY favors. You don’t. For every decision you make, that means you have to pack it, tell someone where to put it, and I can promise you on that day those small additions are NOT what you think about or even notice. Simplify the planning process for yourself and you will thank yourself (and this post) come your wedding week.

2. Choose a venue you love on its own.  We picked a venue that fit our style perfectly, and had so many amazing elements going on before we added a single thing. We were married on a rooftop overlooking our gorgeous city, so even though we splurged on the venue, we absolutely saved everywhere else by not having to transform one thing in to another. We could have walked in without spending a dime on décor and it would have been fabulous. (We didn’t because I’m insane, but we could have)

3. Book vendors that you trust and don’t feel you need to micromanage. This is insanely important. Do your homework, trust your gut, ask your planner, and potentially spend a bit more on putting together an amazing team. From our florist (shout out to StemLine Creative!) to our photographer (the ONLY Cristina G Photo), we instilled so much trust in their talent, that we didn’t worry about a darn thing. There were areas of the décor I just told our florist to do whatever he thought fit what we were going for, and it was the best thing I could have done because the décor was beyond anything anyone had ever seen.

4. Love yourself. Confidence is huge on your wedding day. Whatever it takes – for me it took a superhero glam squad (Tamara Hair and Make-Up), a year of clean eating and sweating daily, and the most fabulous dress I have ever seen (Hayley Paige can work wonders). I don’t care what anyone says but you simply have to feel great.

5. Don’t cram too much into your schedule. You may think you really want to stop at 3 different locations for photos, but trust me, you don’t. Choose your favorite location and then see what’s within walking distance in that area. Simplifying your logistics and not having to go in and out of a limo will be your saving grace that day. The whole day feels like you’re on fast forward, and the less you try to cram in, the better you will feel.

6. Prepare to freak out. Sorry but it does happen. I was the chillest Bride leading up to our wedding day. I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t anxious, I knew everything was done. I even hosted Christmas dinner the day before we left for our wedding weekend. But let me tell you about that morning. I woke up and instantly needed an IV of champagne. I tried eating a salad and failed miserably. Your nerves will win so you must be prepared with family, music champagne, and the second you see your fiancé it all goes away and you are on Cloud 9. #dontsayididn’ttellyouso

There you have it. The recipe to a great day. Confidence in yourself and your team, a beautiful venue, simplified logistics, and champagne.

Mrs. Clemonds

Photo by Cristina G Photography