Egg + Avo Toast 5

Today’s recipe is fast, fresh and will be ready to eat in 10 minutes.  After years of pondering ways to incorporate guacamole into my daily diet (a way other than tortilla chips), I decided to spread it on toast and top it off with a delicious, yolk-filled egg.  After seeing how easy and healthy this breakfast/lunch option was, I started making it almost everyday.
Egg + Avo Toast 1

This is my “quick-guac” recipe – I usually use one avocado and only use half of the guac – this way, you have some leftovers for the next day.  (To keep it fresh, keep the pit in the guac to keep it from getting brown).

Egg + Avo Toast 2 Egg + Avo Toast 3 Egg + Avo Toast 4


Egg + Avo Toast 6