Shannon Gail Fall Polish Picks

One of our favorite things about fall is transitioning our manicures from hot pink to jet black.  A few necessities on our manicure monday lists are deep purples, bright reds, and dark, creamy blacks.  We’ve done some “research” and have come up with the top 5 nail colors you’ll need to get you through the fall!

1. OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark ($7 Amazon)

This is very close to black but still has a hint of dark purple.  It glides on quickly, evenly, and delivers a smooth, streak-free application.  Our #1 favorite!

2. Sally Hansen – Red Snapper ($4,

This is our new go-to red.  Bright, fun, and perfect for holiday parties.

3. Essie – No More Film ($8.50

This seductive deep violet is the perfect alternative to black nail polish.

4. Essie – Limited Addiction ($8.50

And this is our alternative to bright red.  It’s a deeper garnet red that we LOVE.

5. Essie – Chinchilly ($8.50

And if you’re just missing your summer colors, essie’s Chinchilly is perfect to brighten up your manicure.  It’s a sleek granite gray polish that goes with everything!