After reading this brilliant post on the Everygirl on the 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Chicago, we were inspired to create our own wedding version!  We may be biased, but we don’t think there is any better city to take wedding photos in – Everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by gorgeous backdrops and architecture – And trust us, your Instagram followers won’t be able to get enough of the Chicago scenery!

For our roundup of all of our fav photo spots in the city, click here!


1. Olive Park 

WHERE: E Ohio Street

PROOF: Here and here

WHY: Lake Michigan + Skyline = Instagram gold.  Throw in a gorg couple, and you are guaranteed to win Instagram for the day.

WHAT TO HASHTAG: #chicago #skyline


BBH-440Photos: Cristina G Photography

2. The Wrigley Building

WHERE: 400-410 N Michigan Ave


WHY: This is so classic Chicago.  Everyone recognizes and loves the Wrigley Building.

WHAT TO HASHTAG: #chicago #bridesmaids #michiganavenue

AN_Portraits115Photo: Amanda Megan Miller

SEW_color_0546Photo: Katherine Salvatori


3. The Black Doors

WHERE: Art Institute of Chicago


WHY: This spot screams Instagram.  It’s a chic, sleek, editorial backdrop fit for a Bride & Groom… or fashion blogger.

WHAT TO HASHTAG: #weddingphotography #chicagoweddingphotography

Notaro_wedding_bridegroom_00113Photo: Evan Hunt


4. The Rookery Staircase 

WHERE: Inside of the Rookery Building (209 S LaSalle)


WHY: It’s more exclusive.  The only way you can take photos here is if you have your wedding at the Rookery (which we think is a pretty sweet deal).  In fact, many of our Rookery clients have actually booked the space because of this shot.

WHAT TO HASHTAG: #weddingphotography #chicago #rookerybuilding

ET-656Photo: Cristina G Photography

jessica-mike-wedding_TSP-171851Photo: T&S Photography

5. The Bridge at the Lincoln Park Zoo

WHERE: Lincoln Park Zoo / Cafe Brauer


WHY: It’s the perfect combo of city & “neighborhood” vibe.  Many of our clients choose this spot because you still get the skyline in the background, but you also get greenery.

WHAT TO HASHTAG: #lincolnpark #chicago #skyline

12184109_10153619919314566_7438252294754415093_oPhoto: Redwall Photography