Pomegranate Cosmo_Title2It’s no secret that the girls of Shannon Gail fancy a cocktail every now and then… And with this love for cocktails comes extensive expertise in experimenting with different ingredients, and creating our very own signature cocktails!

Today we are sharing Shannon’s signature pomegranate cosmo that is super easy to make, and is the ultimate drink to enjoy with the girls! (Sex and the City style)

The Pomegranate Cosmo_2aFirst you need to infuse the vodka.  All you need is 1.5 L bottle of vodka (it doesn’t need to be an expensive brand as you will be altering it so much!), the seeds from 2 pomegranates, and some agave nectar.  Put it all in a beverage dispenser and let it sit.  It will be good after a few days, but is even better after a week!  (So we suggest starting this recipe after work today, so it will be ready for Friday night!)

The Pomegranate Cosmo_3

The Pomegranate Cosmo_4After a long week, it is time to make your martini!  Take 4 oz infused vodka, 2 oz triple sec, a squeeze of lime, and shake shake! Your cocktail is complete!

The Pomegranate Cosmo_5

The Pomegranate Cosmo_7

The Pomegranate Cosmo_8

Pomegranate Cosmo_Title


Prep time: 20 minutes + 1 week of infusing the vodka


  • 1.5L bottle of vodka (any brand – doesn’t have to be expensive!)
  • The seeds from 2 huge pomegranates (watch this video on how to de-seed a pomegranate with no mess!)
  • 2 TBSP of agave nectar

Put it all in a beverage dispenser and let sit.  It’s good after a few days but even better after a full week!


  • 4 oz of infused vodka
  • 2 oz triple sec
  • squeeze of lime

Shake shake shake!  Your cosmo is ready to sip!