When wedding season comes to an end, we have to channel our planning energy elsewhere.  Lucky for our families ;) , all of that energy goes into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything in between.  And with Thanksgiving in just two days, we thought it would be the perfect time to round up the team and share our number 1 tip for a successful Thanksgiving!


SG TG Shannon 2   SG_TG Shannon

I have the pleasure of hosting my family for Thanksgiving, which I absolutely love. Because I love everything to be absolutely perfect, down to the smallest detail, it’s easy to get a bit stressed in trying to coordinate everything. If you’re hosting this Thanksgiving, keep it simple and effective. Here’s a photo of last year’s table. I opted for personalized place cards, which I easily printed myself and adorned with small sprigs of rosemary, and used gourds from the grocery store for my centerpiece. It was simple, effective, but very cozy and personal!



SG TG AManda   SG TG Amanda

If you’re hosting, don’t be afraid to assign guests a side dish!  Then you can focus more on the decor instead of just the food!



SG TG_Bridget 1   SG TG_Bridget 2

I love entertaining and hosting.  My favorite part is opening my home to guests and striving to ensure they feel welcome. After a great meal with even better cocktails and company, my thought is, Why does the celebration need to end there?, so one of my favorite things is to have a “To-Go Station” for guests when the night ends. I find unique disposable food containers, such as Chinese take-out boxes in fun patterns, or even disposable tupperware, and place them in unique bags for guests to take home the essentials to create their own leftover meal for the next day. I also think it’s fun to even have muffins or donuts pre-packaged so they have breakfast already prepared for the following morning. The best part of the “To-Go” station is the coffee & hot chocolate bar, complete with disposable coffee cups for guests to keep warm on their way home in the chilly night air. To keep guests even warmer, I always ensure there is plenty of Bailey’s and Amaretto on hand to add to their warm beverage for the perfect nightcap!



SG TG Breanna   SG TG Breanna 2

My Thanksgiving fashion tip is to get an AWESOME sweater, a “statement sweater,” if you will, that has a bit of holiday flare.  I love the look pictured above – very festive, casual/cute, and just the perfect “holiday” outfit.  Pair your statement sweater with some great jeans, a bauble, and whatever you do, do not forget the hostess gift!



SG TG Samantha   SG TG Samantha

My best tip for Thanksgiving dinner would be to set place cards for your guests!  That way as the hostess, you get to choose your own neighbors, and it saves any awkward moments with guests figuring out where to sit!



SG TG Sharon   SG TG Sharon

I’ve loved setting holiday tables since a very young age. My favorite thing to do is create a theme or color scheme, and incorporate as many personal touches & items as I can. Add depth and texture with flowers & greenery you cut from your own backyard or add an accent on top of a napkin. Most of all have fun and don’t worry about matching plates & flatware!
In the photo above: 
  • My Great Grandma’s gold plated silverware
  • Waterford Crystal Glassware
  • Lenox China
  • Shine Handmade table topper
  • Lillies & wheat stalks adorned with fresh pears
  • Sprig of Rosemary tied with hand write Rifle Paper Co. Sticker

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! XO, Team SG

Photo Credits: Lianna Tarantin Photography via Refinery 29, Plum Pretty Sugar (top two photos), 100 Layer Cake (Amanda’s picture) Oh Happy Day (Bridget’s photo),  The Everygirl (Breanna’s photo) Julie Blanner (Samantha’s photo)

Team Photos by Cristina G Photography