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With summer (and wedding season!) just around the corner, there is one thing we will be adding to our beauty routines: self tanner.

Despite what some people think, self tanner is an amazing alternative to a great spray tan.  It’s inexpensive, convenient, oh yeah, and the whole ‘no UV rays’ thing is a perk too!  Don’t get us wrong, there are many ways to go wrong when you take the self tan route, but once you’ve got a routine down, you will get addicted to self tanner!  Here are our Do’s & Dont’s of self tanning!

Do: Exfoliate first

Exfoliating first is an absolute must. Self tanner tends to cling to dry skin, creating that uneven patchy look (source).  To avoid this,  apply a great exfoliating scrub or even try using a loofah pre-tan!

Don’t: Spend a ton of money

While many drugstore beauty products don’t make the cut, self tanner is an exception.  Our favorite brand happens to be Jergens ($7,!  Another great budget buy is from Bath & Body Works (Strike Gold Bronzing Lotion, $15).

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Do: Mix in some moisturizer

This is our best trick.  If you use one pump tanner, one pump moisturizer your chances of being orange and blotchy are very slim.  Mixing in moisturizer creates a more subtle glow, which after a few applications, will amount to your perfect tan!

Don’t: Apply on your face

We aren’t really sure why we’re weary of applying self tanner on our faces.  It’s just that much more obvious if you do get a streak.  If you just apply your self tanner up to your neck, you can use bronzer to blend everything!

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Do: Apply every other day

It’s not necessary to apply self tanner every single day.  Your tan will stay perfectly in tact after two days, but applying every other day is perfect to keep it up!

Don’t: Exfoliate everyday

Exfoliating too frequently can not only be harmful to your skin, but it will also make your tan fade faster.  We suggest moisturizing everyday, and exfoliating and tanning once every other day!

Do: Mix baking soda & lemon juice to fix streaks

We learned this trick from our girl Lauren Conrad ;) click here to read the full article on how to fix a bad tan!

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