Shannon Gail_Pink Manicure

Finding the perfect shade of pale pink can be pretty tough!  It rarely looks on nails what it looks like in the bottle, and it’s usually either too white or too clear, never perfectly pink.  Recently, we began our quest for the Perfect Pink Manicure and tried a ton of different shades, in hopes of finding a signature pale pink nail color.  Here’s the breakdown:

Shannon Gail_Pink Manicure 1

1. Baby’s Breath – Essie…. If you’re looking for a whiter/lighter pale pink, Baby’s Breath is the one for you.  Although it goes on really thin (you definitely need 3 coats), it dries beautifully and has a nice shine to the finish.

2. Romper Room – Essie This one is probably up there at the top of our favorites list.  It definitely goes on thicker (2 coats is all you need!) and is a lot brighter than the other pinks.  It’s also a good idea to pair this polish with manicured cuticles, otherwise it could look kind of messy.

3. Bubble Bath – OPI This is the most classic pale pink on our list.  It’s soft, subtle, and very feminine – perfect for your wedding day!

4. Mademoiselle – Essie Mademoiselle is VERY sheer.  You’ll definitely need 3 coats.  But if you’re wanting a fresh, clean, natural look, this is the polish for you!

5. Muchi, Muchi – Essie Muchi, muchi goes on smooth and has a creamy finish. It has a touch of mauve in it, which makes it a little bit more fun and trendy than the other options!