After seeing this article on the Camille Styles site, we’ve been wanting to create our own version ever since!  There really is no secret to “throwing a dinner party like a wedding planner” – It’s about the small details (like fresh flowers) and the “big picture” details, like having food ready when your guests arrive.  Simplicity is key.  And we’ll tell you the same thing we tell our clients – Choose 3 things to focus on, and do those 3 things well.

1. Decor

how-to-host-a-dinner-party-like-a-wedding-planner-1Photo: Slack Photography

There is just no way around it – If you want to throw a dinner party like a wedding planner, you’ve gotta have fresh flowers!  It doesn’t have to be as fabulous as this table by Pollen, but a little extra effort won’t go unnoticed.  ;)  A few blooms placed throughout and some mood lighting (candles, candles, candles!) will go a long way.

2. Music

how-to-host-a-dinner-party-like-a-wedding-planner-2Photo: T&S Hughes

Music is almost always a priority for our clients, and good news for you – You do not need to hire a band or DJ for your small dinner party. You will, however, need to spend some time creating a playlist that will last you a few hours.  If you need some inspo, see below!

3. Food

how-to-host-a-dinner-party-like-a-wedding-plannerPhoto: Eager Hearts

Like any good wedding, you must have great food and drinks. Aim to serve the entree 30-45 minutes after guests arrive, and ALWAYS have hors d’oeuvres ready as soon as the first person walks in the door.

Bonus # 4 – Clean the next day

Do not start doing dishes while you have guests over!  It makes them feel obligated to help and it is just the ultimate fun-ruiner. Try to wait until the next morning (or at least until everyone leaves) and just enjoy your guests!


Let’s Party.