Being the MOH is a huge honor.  She gets to stand by the Bride on her big day, plan the Bachelorette party, and just be there throughout the entire planning process. But there is one thing about being the MOH that some girls just dread, and that’s the speech.  Depending on the wedding, the speeches can be one of the most nerve-wracking moments of the entire evening (once the speeches are over, it’s officially party time)!  For some, a MOH speech is nothing, but for others, the stage fright can get the best of them, making “The Speech” their worst nightmare.  Since we want everyone to enjoy the entire wedding evening, we decided to create a blog post for you to send over to your MOHs!  Here are a few tips on how to overcome speech anxiety…

MOH Speech Tips_Brides

1. Ask Yourself Why You’re Nervous … This may sound weird, but it helps.  If you ask yourself, “What am I so afraid of? What could possibly go wrong?” it might make you feel better right off the bat.  Recognizing the source of your fear is the first step to success.  (source)

2. Know Your Topic … One of the most common reasons that people are afraid of public speaking is fear of not knowing their topic.  If you made the cut to be MOH, chances are, you’re probably an expert on the Bride and her new Husband.  You know your stuff.  You got this!

3. Practice Makes Perfect … This may sound cliche, but it couldn’t be more true!  Have a bulleted list of talking points (or right out an entire speech) and just know it.  Know the direction you’re going in, don’t get sidetracked and lose your place.  If you really have a plan of action, your nerves won’t get the best of you.  The best way to practice is in front of people.  Try to practice in front of a small group of people before the real speech.  You’ll feel more prepared and will have an idea of what people think of the speech!

4. Interact With Your Audience … If you’re uncomfortable with all eyes on you, interact with the Bride & Groom during your speech.  Ask them questions, laugh with them.  It will take the edge off and chances are, will take the eyes off of you and onto the happy couple! 

5. Slow Down … You don’t have to rush through your speech.  When you pause, it gives you a second to recover from a moment of anxiety.  So if you’re feeling anxious, finish your sentence and then take a quick pause when needed!

Images by Marcela Polo via Brides