Your wedding weekend packing list should have it all – Dress, shoes, accessories, tie, etc.  The truth is, you and your bridal party are going to need a lot more than your rehearsal and wedding day attire to survive wedding day.  You’ll likely spend the majority of your day on a Limo or Trolley taking photos, meaning you’ll be away for quite a while.  Here are a few things to have your Bridesmaids/Groomsmen pack in a bag for ya the morning of the wedding!

1. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are always in your purse but rarely make the cut for wedding pictures.  It’s good to just keep these in your clutch for between photos, and are great for the guys!

2. Water

A cooler is likely high on your priority list, and while having champagne is definitely important, having water is even more important.  Make sure your cooler is stocked with water bottles so you can continue to hydrate between photo locations!

3. Food/Snacks

Although you have an amazing dinner waiting for you at your reception, you have a full day ahead of that.  Pack some veggies, chips, cheese – anything to hold you over until your hors d’oeuvres are passed!

4. Flats

You will definitely love yourself for thinking of packing a pair of wedding flats!

5. A 2nd Shirt

For those 85-90+ degree days, your Groom might want a fresh shirt to change into post-photos, pre-ceremony!

Top photo: T&S Photography