#HelmigClemondsBashCristina G Photography with graphics added by Shannon Gail

There are just a few months until Shannon’s December 2014 wedding, and she’s finally making it all come to life in designing her invitations!  The perfect invite has to have it all; impeccable wording, gorgeous colors, and a killer font that says it all.  And if you’re trying your hand at designing your own invites, or are very involved in co designing with your invitation designer, you can relate to being completely obsessed with fonts.  There are seriously an endless amount of options and it seems next to impossible to choose just one.  Here are a few of our favorites featuring the names of some of our lovely July couples!

Shannon Gail_Invitation Fonts


1. Playfair Display (free)| 2. Zapfino (free download) | 3. Sweet Sans ($40) | 4. Antrokas (free demo) | 5. Aire Bold Std ($20) | 6. Secret Code (free) | 7. Snell Roundhand (free) | 8. Black Olives by Roland Huse (free)