Transportation is without a doubt the detail that is almost always an afterthought when planning a wedding.  And while it’s not as important as booking your venue, caterer, or florist, transportation should still be high on your list of wedding priorities.  Remember this – Your Trolley/Limo is what’s going to get you from place to place on your wedding day, so it is important, and should be booked with some extra TLC. ;)  Today, we’re sharing 3 tips to checking transportation off your to-do list…

1. Do Your Research

So many couples have the mentality that “a trolley is a trolley is a trolley” which is absolutely not the case.  They let low prices drive their decision making process and completely forget about other important details like reliability and quality.  Do your research – Ask your planner, ask your friends/family, and read reviews.  In addition to all of that, pay attention to the level of service you get while inquiring.  This is often similar to the level of service you’ll get on the day of.  If you’re not getting prompt replies, or you notice any lack of organization, those are red flags.  If your sales contact is wonderful and prompt right off the bat, then you’ll likely be in good hands on your wedding day.

trolley 2T&S Hughes Photography, Second City Trolley

2. Read the Fine Print

When comparing quotes, make sure you’re noticing if taxes, gratuity, and any other fees are included.  Most companies include gratuity and taxes in their quotes, and others don’t – neither is “wrong,” but it is something that you should take note of when comparing. (Also, make sure you’re able to bring coolers/alcohol on board!)

TrolleyKate Miller Photography

3.  Factor in Delays

Use Google Maps to get a rough estimate for how long you’ll need your Trolley/Limo, and then add about 15-20 minutes of “cushion” time between trips.  You might think it only takes 10 minutes to get from Point A to Point B, but it’s important not to forget to factor in the time it takes for everyone to get on/off the Trolley/Limo, the time it takes for a vehicle that large to get from place to place, and the traffic that will inevitably cause delays. By adding some cushion time, the worst that could happen is being early, which, in our opinion, is a great thing!

Top Photo: Amanda Megan Miller Photography