1. Go with the flow

There are millions of articles out there on etiquette for standing up for yourself/learning how to say, “No.”  But the truth is, if it’s one of your closest friends, try really hard to just say, “Yes.”  If the Bride is requesting that you wear a certain dress, just wear it.  If the Bridesmaids are organizing a trip for the bachelorette party, try to start budgeting as soon as you’re asked to be a Bridesmaid. Years and years from now, those little things won’t matter, and all you’ll really want to remember is how much fun you all had leading up to the wedding.  (However, if the first question you want to say “no” to is, “Will you be my Bridesmaid” then we suggest reading this article!)


2. When in doubt, get a pale pink manicure

This might sound silly, but it is actually a bigger deal than most would think.  Unless you’re told otherwise, try to show up to wedding weekend with a pale pink manicure (here are a few of our fav colors).  Some Brides care, some Brides don’t, but pale pink is always what looks great in photos. Try not to show up in something bold/trendy like black, blue, red/pink, etc.


3. Be a #girlboss

On the wedding day, and leading up to the wedding, just take charge when needed.  The Bride will have so much going on, so if another Bridesmaid has a question, if the Flower Girl is nervous and needs a pal when waiting to walk down the aisle, and if the Bride needs a personal lipstick-holder, be that girl who just takes charge.


4. Don’t ask too many questions

As the wedding gets closer, don’t clog the Bride’s inbox with questions like, “What are we eating for lunch? What time am I getting my makeup done? How are we getting to the ceremony?”  More likely than not, the Bride (and her planner) will have all of that covered so that the only thing the Bridal Party has to do is show up when they’re told.  Leave the logistics to the planner, and again, go with the flow! ;)


5. Be the life of the party

There’s no better way to show the Bride you’re there for her than by crushing it on the dance floor.  Be the first one on the dance floor, and the last one to leave.


Photos: Evan Hunt, Christy Tyler, Collin Pierson