It’s time for our weekly link roundup!  Happy Friday!

1.Why You Should Skip Your Honeymoon (…Or At Least Wait a Year) via The Everygirl.   A great article on why postponing your honeymoon might be best for you (and your wedding plans!).

2. 10 Words You’re Pronouncing Wrong via PureWow.  Who else has been saying “Gif” wrong?!

3. How to Remove Every Type of Stain in One Simple Chart via Real Simple.  We’re going to need to print this out and stash it in our emergency kits.

4. 8 Things To Look For When Choosing a Gym via HB Fit.  Tip – Choose a gym that’s walking/running distance from your house, so you can skip the warm-up and get down to business.

5. 3 Ways You Can Wear Metallics By Lauren Conrad via Glamour.  We’re obviously #obsessed with mixing metals for weddings and home decor, and now we’ll know how to style our next mixed metal outfit!

6. 3 Tips to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster via In Style.  We will most definitely be trying tip #2 next time we have fresh paint on our nails!

Photos via The Everygirl & HBFit