Just in time for the holidays, we’re dishing details on how to build your best bar cart.  The bar cart is the perfect spot for guests to gather, for the hostess to mix cocktails… and to store all of your booze. ;)  We love that it’s a piece that’s not only pretty to look at, but is also something that is useful and functional.  Here are 5 steps to your perfect bar cart: 

Step 1: The Cart


The first step is to get a cart.  It doesn’t have to be the classic gold cart that you see all the time, either.  It can be black, silver, wooden, lucite, etc. – Anything that goes with the rest of your home decor, or even something that doesn’t go with the rest of your home – Your bar cart is a little corner of your home where you can have fun and not follow all of the rules!  — SHOP: Crate and Barrel, $599, similar at World Market, $150


Step 2: Fun Bottles


Aside from being stylish, the main purpose of a bar cart is to organize and store all of your liquor.  Since there typically aren’t drawers/hidden compartments, you want to try to keep your fun bottles constantly in stock. We love a good bottle of Veuve, and really love this blue & white bottle of tequila if you’re looking to splurge. (Photo Credits: 1, 2)


3. The Glassware


The next component is going to be your glassware.  Set your glasses on the top, middle, bottom, wherever!  The key is to display only your favorite glasses, and to leave the boring ones in the cabinet. ;) We love anything gold or silver rimmed, anything with a different shape, and we just adore champagne coupes.  (Photo Credits: 1, 2)


4. The Bar Accessories


Before we move onto the “fun” accessories (below!), we need to talk bar accessories – Your cocktail shaker, drink stirrers, wine opener, decanter, etc.  All of the things that are going to make your bar cart function.  And although this is the “functional” piece of your cart, it’s still okay (and encouraged) to go the more stylish route when shopping for your bar tools and accessories. Love this set by Martha Stewart.


5. The Style


And last but not least, the details. You want your bar cart to not only be chic & stylish, but to show off your personal style as well.  We always love a few cocktail books, fresh flowers, and a few miscellaneous accessories placed throughout. And if you’re not one for clutter, try hanging artwork above the cart as a nod to your personal style – You want it to be conversational, and the heart of your holiday parties! (Photo Credits: 1, 2)

Photo Credits: Damsel in DiorFondly Forever via Crate & Barrel