Here’s something that we didn’t have at weddings 10 years ago – social media etiquette.  But now that Instagram & Facebook rule the world, here we are! Having weddiquette is one thing, but now guests also have to worry about being well behaved on social media.  Luckily, there aren’t too many ways you can go wrong here – as long as you ditch the phone after a couple of cocktails, your social media etiquette can be flawless.  Here are a few tips…

Hold off on posting congratulatory announcements

We’re mostly talking about engagements, but it is definitely taboo to post your congratulations on social media before the couple has even told their parents (or any other key friends/family members).  A good rule of thumb is to wait for either the Bride-to-be or Groom-to-be to post something, and then it’s pretty much a social media free-for-all!

If it’s an “unplugged” wedding, make sure you really are “unplugged”

If the couple calls for an unplugged wedding, that probably means they (1) just want you to be in the moment, or (2) for their wedding to not be all over social media.  In this case, no matter how many loyal Instagram followers you have, it’s best to just go with the flow and respect the happy couple’s wishes.

photoPhoto credit: 100 Layer Cake

Don’t post pictures of the Bride until after she walks down the aisle

If you happen to sneak a peek of the Bride in the hotel lobby and your inner paparazzi comes out, do not, under any circumstances, post that picture until she is down the aisle!  There is usually an element of surprise and excitement for all of the guests (and not to mention, the Groom) to see the Bride as she walks down the aisle.  Seeing a blurry picture on social media kind of ruins the “here comes the Bride” tradition.

Use the hashtag

Now, back to the hashtag (which is what the world revolves around, right?).  If you post a picture of the wedding, at the wedding, all things wedding, use.the.hashtag!  The couple created it for a reason, and they want to see all of your candid pictures while scrolling through your feeds the next morning.

Shannon Gail_Social Media Etiquette WeddingPhoto Credits: W+E Photographie via Brides, Rebecca Arthurs via Ruffled

Top Photo: Paige Jones Photography via Green Wedding Shoes