Wedding Etiquette

Summer after summer, twenty-somethings find themselves at weddings (on what seems to be) every other weekend.  Yet we may or may not have good wedding etiquette – hey, nobody’s perfect.   As wedding planners, we see it from all perspectives – the planner, the Bride, and the guest.  And while there are a lot of gray areas in the etiquette department, there are also some rules that guests definitely need to abide by.  Here are a few of our wedding Do’s and Dont’s!

Do: Send in your RSVP on time 

This goes for any party.  Nobody wants to stalk people for RSVPs – especially Brides who have ten million other things on their mind (like hairstyles and photo ops).

Don’t: Abide by the “1 year to give a gift” rule

Yes, everyone says the 1 year rule is still a go, but we think there is no time like the present.  You don’t want to be the reason that the happy couple is missing their Williams-Sonoma 10 piece glass bowl set 6 months after their wedding.  However, if the gift is big and awkward, mailing it within the month is probably better.

Do: RSVP ‘No’ if you don’t want to (or are unable to) attend

Don’t sweat it, the Bride and Groom will understand.

Don’t: Create your own dress code

If the invite states “Black Tie” or “Formal” do not show up in anything less than a cocktail dress (and don’t let your plus one show up in a polo).  Stick with what the invite says.  And if you have any questions or if the dress code isn’t specified, don’t be afraid to ask!

Do: Take advantage of the open bar, BUT drink responsibly

You don’t want to get out of control or do anything that would draw attention away from the couple.  We say drink just enough to loosen up and bust a move or two, but don’t drink to the point of not being able to stand up to bust a move.

Don’t: Monopolize the Bride & Groom

They already have so many people to greet and thank, so try to keep your congratulations short and sweet!

Do: Stash the iPhone in your clutch for the night

Like any situation, it’s rude to be on your phone all night.  Unless you’re snapping a pic and  participating in the wedding hashtag, keep your phone in your purse and remember to always be in the moment (and not be checking email during the Maid of Honor’s speech)!

Don’t: Add a “Plus One”

It’s very common for the Bride & Groom to invite their single friends or family solo in order to save money, so it always comes as a surprise when someone returns the reply card and adds a guest in who wasn’t invited! (Remember when Ross brought Monica to their cousin’s wedding when she wasn’t invited?)  It creates such a crazy awkward situation for the couple.

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Image via 100 Layer Cake